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2014 Summer Collection

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Our Story

I have always thought of myself as a creative person however, it was difficult to convince my parents to send me to study something creative that they considered I could make a living out of. Fine arts I could not justify at the time. I guess it had a lot to do with the lack of information on the creative disciplines in Zambian high schools and I didn’t know anyone successful making a living doing arty things. Everyone I knew was living hand-to-mouth. And then I met Sveta, a year and a half through my Business Administration course (A course my parents encouraged me to do while I decided what I wanted to do with the rest of my life).

Sveta, was a true inspiration. Naturally creative and made amazing sewn products. Looking at her work I wanted to be like her. I remember thinking I too could cut fabrics, sew pieces together and create cloths. I asked her to teach me how, she was only too happy to do it. And so began a journey that continues on today. A journey that gave birth to XstinA Creations, Ltd. A company that houses the Kamanga wear and Chipo and friends brands. An adventure that I am thrilled to be privy to. But it would be another five years before Kamanga wear was born and a further four before Chipo and friends began to form. I had no idea then what path this little hobby would send me on.

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After business school I convinced my parents to send me to study Fashion Design in South Africa. Now I am no fashionista, anyone who meets me I’m sure can testify to that and I had my doubts that this was the course I wanted to do but it was the closest thing I found to the art behind sewn product manufacturing and as it turned out the answer to unlocking the technical creative genius that I like to think of as me.

Two years later and armed with the knowledge on how to make cloths, bags, hats, you name it as long as they are sewn, I came back home to Zambia. Ready to flourish and show everyone what I was made of. Oh how I was going to show them all. I smile at how ignorant but full of spirit I was.

I’m not going to say it was easy. The concept of sewn product manufacturing for fashion design in Zambia to say the least was a sad scenario. I won’t bore you with the technical details but Ready-to-wear clothing as common as it is only existed as imports brought in by traders and large retail store from other countries big and small. Yes they were creative designers in Zambia, don’t get me wrong, but most of them catered to a made-to-measure type clientele. I thought about doing this too but that just seemed like I would never have the time to be creative and enjoy my work. I wanted to design fashions not regurgitate other peoples fantasies. I did not come home to be bound by tailoring work. I wanted to create and I wanted my creations to allow me the freedom to create more.

And so I began to search for a solution, I registered Xstina Creations as a company limited by shares. Got investors to buy into it. And began to search for a team and that’s when Donna walked into my life, between me and you the true fashion designer at Kamanga wear, we developed a system, built a team, and came up with a strategy that gave birth to Kamanga wear, a Zambian ethnic-eclectic ready-to-wear brand that offers an alternative to international mass produced garment. A brand we have actively been building and developing now for five years. Five years filled with amazing adventures, unexpected challenges, pleasant surprises and not so pleasant ones, tears, joy and laughter. Oh how you make me proud Kamanga Wear… J

Recently we branched out and created a stuffed toy brand called Chipo & Friends (… a story for another day); and as the say the rest is history.

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About Us

Kamanga Wear is a Zambian Ethnic Eclectic ready-to-wear brand that offers an alternative to international mass produced garments.We incorporate Chitenge and other natural locally available fabric with western design concepts to create unique looks that are current and trendy yet unmistakable afro-centric and inspired by the country which we live in.

The Amber Maxi

A sister to their famous Amber dress.
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The Chaona Peplum

Top and cropped shorts
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Kimono Kaftan

The simple but stylish Kimono Kaftan
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This flirty little number is the Miyanda simple dress. Perfect for those hot summer days
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Mukuka hoodie.

Add a little edge to your wardrobe with the Mukuka hoodie.
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Lukonde Maxi

The Lukonde Maxi is a must-have in any Kamanga lover's wardrobe. This is a true signature piece and this season it's teamed up with the Mulenga cropped top.
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Mulenga cropped top

For some Chitenge on Chitenge action, team up on the Mulenga cropped top with long shorts. A perfect summer combo.
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The Mutinta dress

Cute and fun, the Mutinta dress is a must have this season.
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Zoe wrap dress

The Zoe wrap dress. Easy-to-wear. Flatters almost every figure.
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The Mulenga Cropped top

The Mulenga Cropped top with Cropped casual pants.
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